Adding some excitement

Some friends are testing new xbox one's streaming features .I was at startupbootcamp last week, meeting new people and chatting with people I know around from game jams and development society.

Of course I forced everyone to playtest my game.


2015-08-12 18.06.14
I’m not sure about the investment and things but this kind of events are very useful for play tests.



So, while playing the game; people tend to wait for their opponent to attack and this makes long waiting times.
Boring… I wanted a fast game, this needs an improvement.

Screenshot 2015-08-13 19.30.21I’ve added this huge killer stones moving towards player at constant speed.
Now, players are forced to move forward. This gives the game a new dynamic (watch for the stone) and some excitement.

Second problem is: controls.
Me and some close friends, let’s call them “old people”, are used to play games with indirect control.  Give commands indirectly to the character.

Screenshot 2015-08-12 16.00.03We press a button and avatar moves. Like using mouse, joystick, game pad etc.
With touch screen gaming this habit changes to what is called as natural control.
In menus and applications there are still buttons etc. But in a game that player has a graphical representation of self, using indirect controls to give command is just a resistance and confuses the new generation.

Play tests show most of the players tried to touch the avatar, try to drag or swipe it to move at first sight. They couldn’t realize indirect command buttons at the bottom.
When asked they say they thought that those are some kind of state indicators or something.
This week will be dedicated to fine tuning controls and a tutorial.

And here comes another delay for releasing the game.

Maybe the music, sound effects, logo and graphics will be more mature by this time.

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