Can’t find Sword by Sword on Play Store

I published a new game on Android called Sword by Sword 2 weeks ago.
Yes, I know this name is not a good name because it is a common word and it just repeats itself.
But now after publishing, even if you write the whole “sword by sword”  in quotes game does not appear in search results. I mean not in front page. It just doesn’t appear at all.

May be I did something wrong;
I translate game’s name to Turkish too. It’s Kılıç Kılıca.
When I search for this name, my game appears at search results.
But after selecting the result, title appears as sword by sword and descriptions also comes in English.
So I guess there is something wrong with Play Store’s localisation and search results when you set your language setting to different from your countries locale.
Such as I live in Turkey but select English at language settings.
I think search mechanism searches for Turkish titles in Turkish database but results come in English because of my language settings.
But search should be made in English too.

Second and most important thing is:
I shouldn’t change games name/title for localisation.
Google says games title is not games name. But, what is it then, I’m confused.

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