London Experience

Hello all,
I recently moved to London.
As a software developer who used to work in front of computer all day with curtains closed trying to focus on the screen(s), ignore outside distractions I have to inform myself time to time that I’m in London. Look, Hey, you are in London…
Lovely city, kind people, incredibly accurate and fast public transportation and currently I’m living at really good place in the middle of central London and I learned a new word “posh” 🙂

Only after walking all over the city trying to explore every thing everywhere for two months now I can have time for my side projects and real world problems like finding new clients, contracting new jobs etc.

I met amazing people during this period. sure is the most instrumental web site and application Londoners use for meeting up and spreading word about their events. Application usage habits are a little different here for example in Istanbul people use swarm and foursquare a lot but here you can be the mayor of a place with just 2-3 check-ins. People use Google Maps as a search engine, it is really important for brands being there and having good stars or reviews because the audience mostly use this application to find a place to go when they are around. So basically my days went trusting “meetup” to find my next event, “Citymapper” to find the best route to go there and “googlemaps” to find best place to eat and have a drink around afterwards.

I had to finish / continue my ongoing business with Turkish companies back home and with the itch of exploring around, I visited some co-working spaces. Google Campus London has nice opportunities and has some offers in affordable price range.
Nowadays I go with indie developers who meet at game themed pubs early in the morning and work there until the places open for usual business, and sometimes hang there after, have one or two beers with them.
Indie game development community is one of the most welcoming community here like it is on other countries too.

I feel like that’s enough exploration until summer and I need to spend more time on my side projects.

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