About Me

I develop games and interactive software.
I mostly worked with advertising agencies. My last job was the head of development team at McCann Istanbul, then I found my own company Combocow.
Since then I’m working on my own games and doing client business on advertisement and game development sector.

I’m experienced on Game Play Development on various languages and platforms such as Unity, C#, AS3, AS2, Starling, Torque Engine, C Script on Torque, Facebook Graph API, Twitter API, Adobe AIR, Google/Apple Game Center APIs and In-App Purchase APIs, PHP, Cake PHP, My SQL, MS SQL and even Lingo, Pascal, I’ve ported some small c++ projects to AS3, tweak Torque Engine a bit at the time.

I mostly enjoy coding game play and designing game mechanics.

Please feel free to contact me, say hello and share ideas you think I can be interested in.

Behance Portfolio
LinkedIn Profile
YouTube channel about my games and other developments.
And I have a company called Combocow, web site is updating right now.

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You can contact me via Twitter(@sivri) or LinkedIn.

I’m actively using those and return to you as soon as possible.