Quick Iteration

I was planning to finish this game and publish as soon as possible but while playing with friends this idea came up.
-Can you make all possible attack options available at the same time?
-Yes I can and I did!

Screenshot 2015-08-12 16.00.03Grouped the actions so when one action is selected, all actions in that group are disabled.
After the penalty time of the selected weapon passed, player can attack again with the desired option.

Blocking is also available with 5 seconds penalty with action breaking ability.

After taking some response to this iteration, publish this game without the single player and turn based options.

Maybe add those features after an update or so.

Thank you for reading this and hope you download and play test this version.

Struggling with main menu

I designed this game as a local multiplayer but while developing, needed a way to test faster so I wrote a basic AI as an opponent.
Then people wanted realtime features badly so I added them. Now I have a game that can be played as singleplayer or multiplayer with turn-based or real-time modes.

While things get compilated, it’s a nightmare to decide which menu system should I choose or maybe just trash some features or what!

Interactive design is about giving choices to your audience, but sometimes giving a lot of choices makes them confused. So we may use learned patterns as our guide.
Here I used classic “field set” to group choices. In this picture below, choices are grouped by player count. They can be grouped by play mode too.
Advantage of this grouping is player can start playing game with just one touch.
Disadvantage is mobile users are not used to this type of menus, they usually have big few buttons to choose, even most of the time there is no button to choose, just touch and start playing the game.  
swordgame Menu One Step


Here i tried to break groups to single screens, this is more common on mobile devices.
Advantage is less things to choose means less confusion.
Disadvantage is you put more funnels before starting to play the game; meaning more players will give up on the way.
swordgame menu multi step type firstswordgame menu multi step player first

So, I chose second model for this game.

Play tests showed me that choosing a weapon before starting real time play  made this game more fun.
Screenshot 2015-08-04 00.02.48
Screenshot 2015-08-04 00.03.25This week I spend my time adding a weapon choosing system for real time play. You choose your weapon before starting the game and start fighting with touching attack or guard buttons.

Every selection has its advantages and disadvantages;  if you choose one step movement you have to wait one second before your second move, if you choose two step movement you have to wait two seconds before your next movement or attack.

To visualise this penalty waiting time, I used something like clockwise pie chart filler for the button. Hope people can make the connection and understand the use.

All the UI, graphics and a lot of things needs to be redrawn by a professional artist. Friends who are forced to playtest this game deserve better graphics, It’s enough coder art 🙂
Most of the game coding is almost finished, now it’s time to push and pull things a little bit around to fine tune.
And after some optimisations I plan to put this game on Android Store first and try to get some real feedback and after that make an other update and put it on both IOS and Android stores with In App purchases etc.

While trying use  Unity Cloud Build and share options to distrubute pre alpha builds for this mobile game and get feedback, cloud gets slower and slower over time. This is possibly only for free users, the more people start using this platform the slower it gets.
Someday I’ll buy this service and use it faster but not today.
I need to publish this game as fast as I can and get some proper feedback. Today even I can not load shared builds from cloud.

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Sword Game Development Update I

Hello friends,
Working Title, Sword Game still doesn’t have an official name. This means I’m still open to suggestions. Please feel free to suggest names 🙂
Since last #screenshotsaturday I’ve made a gameplay video

This game is under development for 2 months and project was on paper a month before starting.
We have made some closed gameplay tests with friends and family, now it’s time to spread this tests a bit more.

Open development is hard on mobile games because of restrictions.
This project is being built  on Unity3D and Unity has this great cloud build and share environment.
I’ll share time limited development builds under a pinned post for Android after this week of development.

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Yetti Gayri Game Jam

yetti_wp[Bu etkinlik sona erdi, sonuclari gormek icin https://yettigayrigamejam.wordpress.com/ adresine bakabilirsiniz]

Haftasonu boş ev vardı, neden Game Jam düzenlemiyoruz diye eşe dosta sordum, e oluur dediler.
Yetti Gayri Game Jam  adında bir Game Jam düzenlemeye karar verdim.

Konudan uzak bir iki arkadaşım “Ne yapıyorsun, oğlum?” diye sordu. Açıklayayım.

Game Jam: Katılımcıların bir araya gelerek kısıtlı zaman içinde bir bilgisayar oyunu bazen de kutu ya da kağıt oyunu ortaya çıkartmaya çalıştıkları etkinliklere denir. Bizim etkinliğimizde sadece bilgisayar oyunu yapmaya çalışacağız.

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