Quick Iteration

I was planning to finish this game and publish as soon as possible but while playing with friends this idea came up. -Can you make all possible attack options available at the same time? -Yes I can and I did! Grouped the actions so when one action is selected, all actions in that group are disabled. After the penalty time of the selected […]

Struggling with main menu

I designed this game as a local multiplayer but while developing, needed a way to test faster so I wrote a basic AI as an opponent. Then people wanted realtime features badly so I added them. Now I have a game that can be played as singleplayer or multiplayer with turn-based or real-time modes. While things get compilated, it’s a […]

Sword Game Development Update I

Hello friends, Working Title, Sword Game still doesn’t have an official name. This means I’m still open to suggestions. Please feel free to suggest names 🙂 Since last #screenshotsaturday I’ve made a gameplay video This game is under development for 2 months and project was on paper a month before starting. We have made some closed gameplay tests with friends […]

Yetti Gayri Game Jam

[Bu etkinlik sona erdi, sonuclari gormek icin https://yettigayrigamejam.wordpress.com/ adresine bakabilirsiniz] Haftasonu boş ev vardı, neden Game Jam düzenlemiyoruz diye eşe dosta sordum, e oluur dediler. Yetti Gayri Game Jam  adında bir Game Jam düzenlemeye karar verdim. Konudan uzak bir iki arkadaşım “Ne yapıyorsun, oğlum?” diye sordu. Açıklayayım. Game Jam: Katılımcıların bir araya gelerek kısıtlı zaman içinde bir bilgisayar oyunu bazen de kutu ya […]